Thursday, January 26, 2017

Worship Seminar - Noland, Chapter 1 & 2 - Preparing for Monday, Jan. 30

With the possibility of winter weather coming to our area this weekend, it's the perfect time to begin our reading of Rory Noland's book - The Worshiping Artist.  Grab a cup of coffee and enjoy a good read!  This text will help us to explore our own hearts as well as gain a deeper and richer understanding of the character of God.

Our reading in Rory Noland's The Worshiping Artist is chapter 1 and 2.  Journal on the following (typed) and bring your insights to discuss and turn in:
       A.  Begin reading at page 19.  Make a list of Noland's use of the phrase "worship is...."  He offers several thoughtful definitions.  (Yes, we're still working on defining worship!)  Which of his definitions resonates most with you?
       B.  Check page 33, number 9 and number 1.  They both are pointing in the same direction.  Journal your personal response.
       C.  Page 37, number 6, journal a response.
       D.  Page 55, write a reflective response to 2, 4, 8, OR 9.  (Only choose one.)

From this point throughout the course, your responses in journaling will be the starting point for our group conversations.  

It's good to have you in the class!  I'm glad that we will join together in the journey toward the heart of Christianity:  worship.
Gerald Chafin