Sunday, February 12, 2017

Preparing for Monday, February 20 - Reading #1 from Webber

Our reading shifts to the Webber book, The New Worship Awakening.  chapters 1 and 3 (yes, skipping 2 for the moment).  For your journaling for Friday:

1.  Chapter One opens with a section concerning prejudices/biases we bring to worship.  As you refresh this section of the text, ask God to reveal to you prejudices about worship that you carry.  Share these in your journal, and in the sharing, attempt to release them.

2.  Interestingly, the title of the book and the title of chapter 3 might be at odds with each other.  (Gasp!)  For example, in the title of the book is the word "NEW" and in the chapter 3 title is the word "BACK."  After reading the chapter, do you think so?

3.  In Chapter 3, Webber offers his central definition of worship, AND THEN begins repeating that definition in several ways with a slightly different wording.  For this section of your journal, simply directly quote at least three of Webber's definitions that are VERY closely related!

4.  The philosophical/theological concepts presented by Webber resonate closely with one of our earlier readings.  Check out the Chapter 7 (Chafin) you have, Lost in Wonder, Love and Praise.  For this section of your journal, directly quote several of Chafin's statements that approximate Webber's approach.  What's the correlation?

5.  Still from chapter 3, recall the "Four Acts of Worship."  Type a diagram that outlines the process.