Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Worship Seminar - Scheer, Chapter 1, Preparing for Friday, March 3

We begin our third book of the semester! Our reading for the upcoming session is in The Art of Worship by Greg Scheer, chapter 1.  As you read this chapter, put yourself in the role of someone exploring whether to change, or, how to structure your church's music program.  For our journal on this chapter:

1. This chapter is amazingly practical in approaching music in worship.  Therefore, as a practical exercise, create a listing of Sheer's practical tips and suggestions that you see as significant.

2. There is no doubt that Sheer tackles several interesting situations head-on!  For example, just to reference a few:  page 17-18 as well as page 29, plus others!  Choose one of these instances and share your thoughts about the approach taken.  (Consider these "situations" much like the "scenarios" that Rory Noland shared in the Worshiping Artist.)  Do we once again find Sheer to be amazingly practical?  Do you agree or disagree?