Thursday, February 23, 2017

Worship Seminar - Webber, Chapter 7, Preparing for Monday, Feb. 27

We move to Webber's chapter 7:  Encountering Christ Through the Arts.  After reading the chapter, begin your journal:

1.  In the second paragraph of the Conclusion one statement in particular connects back to page 39 and our earlier discussions.  Simply type the entire statement as a method of enriching the concept's magnitude in our minds:
"What should be prominent in worship is. . . . . ."

2.  In the same way as #1 above, complete these statements:
     A.  Worship is never to be arts-_____, but arts-______.
     B.  Churches most sensitive to the arts are churches______ . . . 

3.  Share a description of a worship service in which you encountered Christ through the creative expression of an art form other than music.

4 and 5.  The use of arts in worship, based on Scripture:
Because we believe worship should be propelled out of Scripture, select two Scripture passages of your choosing and describe how you would use art forms in worship to enhance the understanding of these passages.  Try using a different art for each, or, try connecting several art forms!

Looking forward to your creative and artistic insights.
Gerald Chafin