Friday, March 24, 2017

Worship Seminar - beginning Foster & Miller for Monday, March 27

Our next gathering is Monday, March 27.  For class bring with you the 1.) Foster, 2.) Miller, AND 3.) Webber texts!

As we come into "the second half" of the semester (couldn't resist this weekend's basketball analogy), Richard Foster's Celebration of Discipline is, indeed, a classic.  Foster challenges our approach to Christian disciplines in a way that helps us define worship as "way of life."

Next to Foster, we place readings from Donald Miller's Blue Like Jazz.  Miller offers us a very honest and refreshingly human view of many of these same disciplines.

Interestingly, our semester has developed in such a way so we can focus on each discipline individually.  This will result in more meaningful experience with each spiritual discipline.  Dive into this process with intent.  Immerse yourself in the exercise of each discipline.

For this session, the reading is:
1.  Foster, Chapter 11, Worship, page 158

2.  Miller, Chapter 17, Worship, page 201

Journaling and Discussion:
1.  Our approach to journaling Foster takes an interesting turn - most chapters will include exercise(s) related to that discipline to assist you in stretching your spiritual muscles around the particular disciplines.  This weekend, choose one idea from the "Steps into Worship" (page 170 in most editions) that you think would be especially helpful for your practice of worship.  Try that idea and afterward write about how it affected your worship experience.

2.  Do a brief "Compare and Contrast" of Foster (chapter 11) and Miller (chapter 17).  What, if any, is the common ground?  What do you come away with from each author?

Soli Deo Gloria,
Gerald Chafin