Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Foster: Chapter 6 - Simplicity

Remember that you will find several of the exercises strange, maybe even somewhat odd to you.  That's normal and even part of the process of growing deeper. 

The best experience for fully appreciating the discipline is to simply read the chapter first without any concern regarding what you will journal.  Take in the discipline itself.  Underline, highlight, put your thoughts in the margin.

We now move toward finishing our first full section:  OUTWARD DISCIPLINES.  
Foster:  Chapter 6:  Simplicity, page 79 in most editions. 
Miller:  Chapter 16, Money - we read in class!

Journaling for The Discipline of Simplicity

1.  What kinds of obstacles to simplicity are you most likely to encounter in your daily routines or way of life?

2.  Foster discusses 3 inner attitudes of simplicity (page 88) and 10 controlling principles for the outward expression of simplicity. List these, then comment on which of these resonate most with you?

3.  PRACTICE of SIMPLICITY: Set aside a "separating the wheat from the chaff" session. Pray for guidance, and think through major areas of responsibility, commitment, or desire in your life, probing for insight into how the practice of simplicity could help you clarify what is important and weed out what is not. Write down your observations and share in your journal.